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Wanted Ads / Ad Alerts

At puppynet.co.uk, we have a much more user friendly approach to wanted ads than any other classified site in the UK.

Sites that accept wanted ads often result in the advertiser being annoyed by unnecessary and unwelcome contacts. In our experience, people often reply to wanted ads trying to sell the advertiser totally unrelated goods and/or services.

So, instead of wanted ads, we have "ad alerts". Once registered on our system you can login to your account and tell our system exactly what pup you are looking for by clicking on the "ad alert" menu tab. Once your ad alert is set, our system will send an email to your registered email address notifying you when an ad has been placed for the type of puppy you're seeking.

You can then click on the link and view the ad at your leisure. YOU then decide whether you want to contact the seller and you do not need to be annoyed by unnecessary emails or phone calls. We think it's the only way to go, and we're sure once you've tried it you will too

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected], as we are here to help.