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Scam Stopper

As another service to our customers, we have "Scam Stopper" software in place across our entire site.

Internet scammers target both sellers and buyers of almost any type of goods and service on the internet, with puppies unfortunately being no exception.

Most scammers are from overseas countries that have little or no effective control over internet abusers. Such scammers use a variety of techniques to hide their identity and avoid detection. In addition to other functions, our technology blocks overseas & anonymous scammers from accessing our site, providing a safe and scam-free environment for our customers to buy and sell their puppies.

We are the ONLY puppy classified website in the UK that protects you from the bad guys. The investment we have made in this technology is just another example of the good service we love to provide for all our customers at puppynet.co.uk!

Despite our best efforts, it is possible for sophisticated scammers to sometimes get through and access our site. Below are some simple tips that will help you help us ALWAYS defeat the bad guys!

Tips for puppy sellers

  • If being paid by personal cheque or bank cheque, always wait a minimum of 2 weeks before releasing the pups after the cheque has been presented. Fraudulent cheques (including bank cheques) can take up to 2 weeks to be uncovered.
  • Ask for references from any potential buyer you think may be a puppy farmer who is seeking to buy additional "breeders". Include in that reference list the contact details of their Vet, whom you can then contact to confirm the buyer cares for their existing animals properly.
  • If the potential buyer has poor English / grammar / spelling AND does not have a landline you can contact him/her on, it is likely they are a scammer.
  • If the buyer wants to have an "agent" pick the puppy up, it is a scammer. Don't sell.
  • If a potential buyer offers to pay substantially more than you are asking, for various reasons, including "agent" fees, transport, costs, etc, it is a scammer. Don't sell.

Tips for puppy buyers

  • NEVER pay via Western Union or any other form of money transfer that can remain anonymous. If a seller wishes to be paid by wire transfer, ONLY do so from bank to bank and ONLY between UK banks.
  • Ask the seller for the details of their Vet, and contact the Vet to make sure s/he has no concerns about the seller AND the puppy you are intending to buy has been vaccinated according to the required schedule.
  • If the seller states they are KC registered, ask for their kennel name / prefix and confirm these details as well as the seller's name and address with the Kennel Council.
  • If in doubt about any paperwork, have the seller scan a copy of the vaccination certificate, their KC membership etc and email it to you. As scanners are so common these days, it is not unreasonable to ask for this to be done if you are in doubt.
  • If the potential seller has poor English / grammar / spelling AND does not have a landline you can contact him/her on, it is likely they are a scammer.

Comments or questions? Contact admin for further advice.